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Nau Mai, Haere Mai | Welcome


As a holistic therapist, I extend a warm greeting to you on your journey to wellness. My commitment is to provide personalised and comprehensive care, tailoring my services to meet the unique needs of each individual.


Explore the site to discover the transformative power of The Safe and Sound Protocol
and the integrated listening system. These therapeutic approaches are designed to guide you 
through a holistic wellness journey, nurturing your mind and body.


Specialising in Selective Mutism, I collaborate with individuals, families, and educators to foster mental health and wellbeing. Together, we navigate the path to improved confidence and mental resilience.


Whether you're seeking The Safe and Sound Protocol, Health and Wellness Coaching, or support with Selective Mutism, I am here to assist you. Contact me today, and let's embark on a journey towards a better quality of life. Together, we'll build confidence and enhance mental health, creating a foundation for lasting well-being.


The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)


Integrated Listening System (iLS) Focus.

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Health and Nutrition Coaching 


Individual cost: $750 (plus GST) Parent and Child: $1,125 (plus GST) Family Package: $1,500 (plus GST) All packages are Flat Fee for the Five Hour Protocol including 10 x 45 minute sessions via video call whilst using the SSP and ongoing communication through text and email. (Free 40 minute initial consultation)    $110 (plus GST) per hour for additional video call support before or after SSP program.


$85 (plus GST) per session Payment plans available. 


$110 (plus GST) per session.

The Safe and Sound Protocol has been created by Dr Stephen Porges.  It is a non-invasive therapeutic tool which works to calm the nervous system and stimulate the vagus nerve. The SSP is an evidence based tool and it helps to re-shape the neural pathways through stimulating the vagus nerve so the nervous system can move to safety.  It uses an inside out, bottom up approach to healing. It particularly helps people who shift into and get stuck in parasympathetic - "the freeze response."


The SSP is suitable for all ages, from children to adults. The SSP has shown to help individuals with trauma, anxiety and sensory processing differences and much more

The  integrated listening system (iLS) is a scientifically informed therapy which works to grow, change and create new neural pathways. The iLS is a multi sensory approach which helps improve cognition, emotional states, and brain function. The iLS is a therapy which helps people of all ages.

Through combining movement with language and music components, the iLS helps with brain organisation, emotional regulation, and cognitive functions, like reading, writing, and memory. 

The iLS uses an inside out, bottom up approach

As a holistic health and wellness coach, I offer a range of personalised remote coaching services designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. My approach focuses on creating sustainable lifestyle changes that will help you reach your goals and maintain them over time.


I also have a specialised focus on providing remote support for people with selective mutism, helping them to overcome communication challenges and build confidence. Get in touch today to learn more about how my coaching services can help support you on your wellness journey.

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Supporting Whanau and Tamariki with Integrated Education Plan (IEP) and/or a One Plan.


$150 (plus GST)

Do you have a child, or teen or young adult who is struggling with Selective Mutism at school or college ? Or perhaps you are a young student and you struggle to give class presentations and to socially engage in college / tertiary institutions  ?


Do you feel like the teachers are not listening to your needs or your child/teens needs? 

Would you like to get some more help from school, and / or other agencies who are involved in your child/ teens care?

Sometimes we need someone outside the whanau and qualified in their field to help us reach the support systems and educators in our / learners life.  


I help whanau and learners to understand what an IEP and One Plan is and how to request one from the school or place of learning.  


I can also help facilitate the conversation during an IEP or One plan at school. Through sharing my knowledge on Selective Mutism an IEP or/and One Plan can be created with the leaner and their needs in mind, ensuring goals and plans are realistic and tailored for Selective Mutism.

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Group Presentations
For Professional Learning Development.


$400 (plus GST) Travel Cost $0.79 per km

I can deliver presentations about selective mutism, and how we can support someone who has selective mutism, to schools for Professional Learning Development (PLD) and to teachers and the community. 

If you would like me to give a presentation at your school, or in your community.

*Prices displayed are current and up to date, however in the future current prices maybe subject to change. Any changes will always be communicated with client in-advance before entering any agreement. 

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